We are North Wales Nordic walking , we have some of the most beautifull countryside in the U.K. you can Nordic walk and explore the rustic woodland areas like Lloggerheads and  Gwydyr forrest, or for the more adventerus you can Nordic walk to Abberfalls or around Betws-y-coed, the list is endless and the views are spectaculare.

 Anyone who would like to nordic walk their way to health is welcome.


                                                              Welcome to your Great Nordic journey!


The role of your Nordic walking instructor is key in your overall enjoyment of a great Nordic journey.

·         Friendly

·         Professional

·         Courteous

As each walk takes on a personality of its own which is fuelled in the first instance by the character and style of your Nordic Walking Instructor, it then flows into the wider group to establish long lasting friendships.

Your Nordic walking experience is just the start of the adventure!

Walk up to our winning formula.

Our objective is to simply deliver unmatched value for money against walker’s expectations on all our Nordic walks.  We have built strong relationships with hoteliers, and produced a fantastic itinery of “walking holidays and day visits” to some of the most amazing places North Wales has to offer.  We utilise this vast network to ensure that you’re walking journey offers the best possible experience at the best value for money.

Our Nordic walking programme for 2011

I t is our delight to offer an amazing itinery of walks to all our members, a multisensory experience of the senses of mind and body.

 Nordic walking on “sandy beaches” by the seashore,  as the tide gently ripples by your feet, to the wonderful sights and smells of the Pine Forests, in some of North Wales  most beautiful woodlands and for the more challenging walks with slight inclines of which takes you to the breathtaking views of “ozone enriched waterfalls “ cascading by your side.

  •  Our “Medieval Nordicwalks “are very popular and offer the opportunity to go back in time of days gone by and dress-up in Medieval fashion, and even experience an authentic Medieval Banquet.
  • It is a great time to unwind after your  Health and woodland nordicwalk at  Bodysgallen Hall and Spa ( Spa membership price package is available seperately) after nordic walking  through thirty acres of natural beauty in grounds surrounded by woodland, flowers and even an orchid.

Whichever itinery you choose, we constantly strive to offer unique refreshing and value for money walks which many happy walkers have discovered that northwalesnordicwalking is like no other Nordic walk. Above all, we are delighted to help you design and create your great Nordic journey into Health and Happiness.

                                                                                                                 Thank you from Lindy x



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